My work

Engineering Thesis

21.06.2023 I defended my Engineering thesis with topic: “Traffic engineering in MPLS managed networks”


The paper presents the most frequently used routing methods in MPLS (Multi-Label Switching Protocol) networks. Selected mechanisms of traffic engineering were discussed, and an attempt was made to propose a new method. The most frequently used routing algorithms are discussed and a comparison of their efficiency and security in case of failure is presented. The work explains the concept of traffic engineering and the future related to its development. In addition, the most efficient solutions for routing are shown and described. An alternative to traffic engineering, which is the Routing Segment, was also presented with a comparison of the most important elements between them. The last part of the thesis describes the SDN (Software Defined Networks) tool, which supports the operation of traffic engineering, and finally presents the methods of maintaining Quality of Service by means of reserving network resources.